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Our training team goes above and beyond to ensure all of our animals are understood and set up for success by developing detailed one-on-one training plans through enrichment and playgroups.

Voted Dan’s Papers BEST OF THE BEST Dog Trainer 2021 and 2022!

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Training & Behavior

Happy dog leaping in the air

Come Means Come!

Price: $180, or $150 if adopted with us

Do you often find yourself calling Fido more than once? We’ve got you covered! Join us for our 3-week class to master the art of recall.

Up to 6 dogs | All ages

Obedient dog sitting

Basic Obedience Class

Price : $225

In this class, your dog will learn the following commands: sit, down, stay, touch, off, leave-it, come, and let’s go. In addition, we will review preventing some undesirable behaviors including : nipping, whining, and jumping.

meets for 3 weeks, twice a week

Dog with leash in his mouth.

Loose Leash Walking

Price: $180, or $150 if adopted with us

Is your dog constantly pulling on their leash? Are daily walks more like nightmares? Does it feel like your dog is walking you?

Then join us for a 3-week training class focused on walking your dog. Loosen up and come take a walk with us!

Up to 8 dogs | All ages

Puppy with graduating hat

Puppy Kindergarten

Price: $250, or $225 if adopted with us.

Join us for our 6-week class to learn basic commands, leash manners, socialization, housebreaking and more!

Up to 8 puppies | Puppies up to 1 year old

Play Group

There are currently no scheduled Play Group classes, but we're always adding them! Please check back soon!

Puppy Play Group

There are currently no scheduled Puppy Play Group classes, but we're always adding them! Please check back soon!

Assessments are required prior to attending an All Ages Playgroup. Dogs must be altered, be over 4 months old, and have a current rabies vaccination to participate. Other vaccines are recommended – see your vet for details.

One-on-One training sessions are available by appointment. Please call to schedule: 631-728-7387

Playgroup Waiver and Release

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Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) incorporates playgroups so that shelters can effectively and efficiently provide proper, personalized training to all dogs rather than walking them on a leash for a short period of time. Playgroups provide quality time spent outside, encourages dogs to socialize, and allows for “freedom to express normal behavior”. DPFL demonstrates safe handling techniques and the fundamentals of successful playgroups for all involved! Playgroups provide an outlet for dogs to exercise and burn off some excess energy so that when they return to their kennels, they are tired and satisfied. The outcome from shelters implementing daily playgroups is beneficial to a dog’s well-being. Logically, happier and satisfied animals are generally less stressed. This lowers the possibility of disease and the extreme behavior that puts people and animals at risk. This not only enriches the dog’s life, but it also makes them more adoptable!

Dogs Playing

Continuing comprehensive playgroups has given every dog at our shelter the opportunity to get outside and meet their kennel neighbors. We instill multiple playgroups per day at the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. We are committed to the practice and incorporation of playgroups, and educating the community of the importance of playgroups and socialization.