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About Us

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our donors and volunteers to care for the homeless animals in our community, and place them in loving “forever homes.” The number of animals in need of our help is growing every day. The overpopulation of pets on Long Island is a major issue and sadly more amazing animals are ending up homeless. Whether caring for strays found wandering the streets, rescuing neglected and abandoned animals, or saving dogs from the horrors of the puppy mill industry, the shelter is a safe haven for all animals and for some, the last resort. Without SASF, these animals would not be able to survive. The shelter provides a stepping stone for animals to find a loving home. It offers them housing, food, medical treatment, training, and rehabilitation when necessary.

SASF is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its donors and volunteers. Your support makes all of this possible and together we can help save more lives!

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Our Story

The Southampton Animal Shelter was operated as a municipal shelter by the Town of Southampton until January 2010. Due to budget cuts at the time, the Town eliminated the shelter. A concerned group of locals citizens banded together to save the shelter and created the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, with a mission to provide for the welfare of the ever-growing number of homeless animals, and, in turn, to place them in permanent caring homes.

 The Shelter is primarily dedicated to caring for homeless animals in our community of 22 towns-but… we don’t stop there. We rescue dogs from “kill shelters” and dire situations from across the country from New York City to Georgia to Puerto Rico and even China.

We have proven ourselves to be a leading shelter. We pride ourselves on finding excellent homes for large numbers of animals. Since 2010, the shelter’s adoption rate has increased significantly due to the many new services we provide,  such as a veterinary clinic that handles all incoming medical evaluations and care, public spay and neuter services, micro-chipping, and inoculations. We have one of the best training and behavior departments in the country. Our program socializes, integrates, and enriches the lives of shelter dogs and it has proven to increase the rate of adoptability of these dogs.

As of January 2014, we have taken our services “on the road” to fulfill our mission of reducing the number of homeless pets. The ASPCA has granted SASF a Veterinary Mobile Clinic to target low-income pet owners throughout New York State by offering low-cost spay and neutering. Our Veterinary Mobile Clinic also offers low-cost inoculations and micro-chipping.

The present economy is very challenging. People are experiencing hardships, causing many to be unable to care for their pets. These pets are often surrendered to the shelter or simply abandoned. We have had to expand our facility due to the increase in abandoned animals and are in the process of raising additional funds to enlarge and modernize the veterinary clinic, as well as our facility and services.

We are steadfast to our mission which is to provide for the welfare of animals and reduce the number of homeless pets. We are committed to our goal which is to promote and nurture the bond between people and animals through adoption, education and community outreach.

Want to join the team at SASF? Check out the opportunities HERE. 

Our Team

Shelter Management

Barbara Maresca, Interim Executive Director

Teresa Meekins, DVM, Sr. Medical Director 

Kate McEntee, Director of Adoptions

Nancy Smith, Controller

Whitney Tucker, Director of Animal Care


Venessa Herdter

Jill Mulvey

Julie Kamine

Tracy McLaren

Lauren DeFoto


Rachel Micheli

Jaclynn Steo

Katherine Wheeler

Kayla Hannan

Nicole Mirante, DVM

Lisa Morris

Jane Kolbenheyer

Olivia Figeurola

Kennel Staff

Rich Campbell

Megan Flynn

Jeffrey Peterson

Chris Schmidt

Lisa Conte

Jenna Haines

Christie Proctor

Peter Wimett

Dan DiSalvo

Peter Hendrickson

Nicole Roberts


Veronika Grzybowska

Tim Almeida

Volunteers & Fosters

Crystal Monaco

Digital Media & Marketing

Ashley Jilnicki

Administrative Coordinator

Maura McGarry


Susan Allen, Emeritus

Lee Becker

Brigid Fitzgerald

Marcy MacMillan

Sony Schotland

Beau Hulse, Co-President

Sean Deneny

Dorothy Frankel

Merritt Piro

Martin Shafiroff

John Bradham, Esq., Co-President

John Ferguson, Esq.

Clifton Knight, Esq.

Renee Schlather

Wendy Wegner

Honorary Board

Mr. Leslie Alexander

Mr. David Brownstein

Mrs. Cathy Duemler

Rev. Peter Larsen

Ms. Sandra McConnell

Ms. Ann Reinking

Mr. Charles Scarborough

Ms. Georgina Bloomberg

Mr. Richard Demato

Ms. Jean Remmel Fitzsimmons

Mr. Robert Liberman

Ms. Barbara McEntee

Ms. Linda Renk

Ms. Jean Shafiroff

Ms. Elizabeth Brown

Ms. Kim Dryer

Ms. Raya Keis Knight

Mr. Robert Lohman

Mr. Patrick McMullan

Mr. Andrew Sabin

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