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2/18/22 UPDATE ON ROSA!  We reached our goal!  Thank you so much for everyone who helped our sweet girl!  She will have her surgery in 4-6 weeks.  Her and her littermates came to us with demodectic mange, which they are being treated for.  Once she is medically cleared from that, she will be scheduled for the first round of procedures. We are directing all incoming donations for her into our Emergency Medical Fund for our next pet in need.   

Our sweet girl, Rosa, came to us with her 5 littermates from Texas.  This poor 8 week old puppy did not win the genetic lottery which resulted in several severe orthopedic abnormalities. Rosa suffers from severe hip dysplasia. This very painful condition causes limping and favoring of limbs, difficulty running, rising or jumping.

Both of her hips are affected, and in addition, one of her knees, has Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL, or kneecap dislocation.  She has a grade 4/4 MPL, which is the most severe.) She requires several extensive surgeries focusing on both her knee and hip (of the same leg) and involves removing the head of the femur of the hip (the ball of the ball and socket) which is called a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO for short). They will also be deepening the groove that the kneecap sits in (trochleoplasty) and releasing some of the soft tissue surrounding the knee to encourage the kneecap to stay in place.  This may potentially eliminate the need for more knee surgery in the future but is not a guarantee.

If Rosa’s condition goes untreated, dogs with hip dysplasia usually develop osteoarthritis (a painful degenerative joint disease).  Her best option is to receive these surgeries while she is still young, and that, coupled with physical therapy, a healthy diet, and exercise routine and she will give the other dogs a run for their money!   She truly has so much love to give.  Please help us give her the best chance at a happy life.  The surgeries sadly will cost close to $10,000.  We are urgently asking for your support to give this sweet girl the help she needs.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Emergency Medical Fund

One of our wish list items in this fund is a x-ray machine.   It would allow us to assess the hearts and lungs of the heartworm positive dogs that come into our shelter, which helps to indicate the severity of disease.

We can evaluate dogs with orthopedic abnormalities (such as Rosa).  Having x-rays in house would be especially useful because we can sedate the animals for orthopedic x-rays, which is less stressful for them and allows our Dr.’s to perform a more thorough orthopedic exam.

It is another tool we utilize for dogs that are experiencing signs of illness.  For example, our shelter dog Dimitri has been dribbling urine and had signs of a urinary tract infection.  Our ultrasonagrapher very generously offered to check him for a bladder stone while she was here working up other animals.  If we had an x-ray machine, we would have been able to take an x-ray while we had him sedated for his dentistry and mass removals, as opposed to having to find the time to transport him to another clinic, which would give us answers sooner.

A x-ray machine would also be useful to have to evaluate sick or injured stray animals that might come in.  If you are in a position to help us help them, please consider donating to this very important cause.

Thank you.