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ID: A029341 Gender: male Color: black Breed: chihuahua - smooth coated mix Age: 1 year, 6 months old

Templeton is a small dog with big & cute personality. He was saved from another shelter on Long Island. He was found as a stray. When we first met this little one, he was fearful and scared of people. Now he’s happy with all of us. He is learning how to trust people. He has come a long way since his first day here. He has learned how to play with help from his best friend Duke. He is now a leader in our play groups and he plays with everyone! He prances around like a little reindeer in the snow. Since he wasn’t given toys in the past, he now thinks all toys are his and his alone.

He loves to play just as much as he loves to snuggle up in his bed or on your lap.

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  • Denise Curry McCormack

    Anything I should be concerned about with this dog?

  • De

    I think I have his brother