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ID: A029855 Gender: male Color: gray Breed: pit bull terrier Age: 6 years old

Smiley came to us a stray and he is ready to find his forever home. He was previously tied to a dog house and not given the love and care he should have had.

SASF volunteer Jocelyn  writes about her friend Smiley:

“Smiley came in as a stray after being found tied to a doghouse. He’s happy and wiggly and wags his tail patiently until you open his kennel door. He sat nicely for treats and let me leash him up. When I took him outside he pulls on the leash but I found out that talking to him and keeping his focus allows him to tug less. I would stop him and focus his attention on me, made him sit, and then proceeded to walk. He was much easier to handle and we both really enjoyed our walk together. We went back to his kennel when we were done and he can get a little excited and try to sneak out, but again get his attention and he listens. Such a sweet boy even though humans have failed him. Come meet Smiley!”

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