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ID: A027608 Gender: male Color: chocolate Breed: chihuahua - smooth coated mix Age: 1 year, 4 months old

Poch quickly became a staff + volunteer favorite due to his comical and entertaining personality. He is very friendly and outgoing. He loves other dogs and meeting new people. He would be an excellent best friend, companion, and family member. Poch’s good nature and easy going personality would make him suitable for a variety of homes. He would love a family with kids. He would benefit from an active household and would enjoy having children to entertain with his funny ways. He loves to run and is great in his play group. Poch is very social and enjoys the company of other dogs. If you are looking for a loyal, fun-loving & funny new friend- Poch is your dude!

Adopt Poch
  • Meredith Milana Osher

    I have 3 rescues. All part chihuahua. I saw Poch’s picture and I had to inquire. What can you tell me about Poch? I am VERY interested ❤❤

    • Kate McEntee

      Where are you located? Can you ome meet him? He loves other dogs!