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  • A014203
  • 9 years old
  • male
  • pit bull terrier
  • tan

Gotti was adopted from us as a young man. Unfortunately his owner lost her home. She wanted to keep him so badly but her living situation will not allow her to have an animal. He is now nearly 10 year old and homeless. He doesn’t understand what happened. One day, in a home and loved – the next day he is in our shelter. Gotti needs someone today. He has been here just too long, He is friendly and can even live with cats. He iis an all around great guy. He deserves a home of his own to spend his older years. Senior dogs are amazing and Gotti is a shinning example of a good dog. He is loyal and loving, playful and silly. There are still so many good times to be had with Gotti-he just needs you to come get him today! He is so sad sitting in his kennel. We give him a lot of love but he misses being someone’s dog. He is special needs because of his chronic allergies. Gotti’s only needs are good food, baths , omega fatty oils and Allergy injections, which we recently started him on and are helping his skin dramatically. We are hoping this gentle older man can spend his “Golden years” in a loving home. He knew what it was like to have this and deserves to spend the last years of his life having it once again. We ❤️ you Gotti!