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  • A015320
  • 12 years old
  • female
  • jack russ ter mix
  • tricolor

Meet Esmerelda! Esmerelda is a great dog who needs an owner who will really get to know her. Recently she has been through a lot. She lost her owner and her home. At 11 years old she has to start all over. She has been great with us at the shelter and loves our training and kennel staff. In her past home it was reported that she gets protective over some objects. She is looking for someone who will love her in her golden years and be able to read her signs. She would prefer to be your one and only and would like a calm home with adults. Our training staff is always here for her and will gladly work with her new owners to ensure she has the best life possible. She is a loving dog that just need the right home! If you think that home is yours, please give us a call and we can tell you more about her! Contact us at (631) 728-7387.