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ID: A016200 Gender: male Color: black Breed: german shepherd dog mix Age: 4 years old


Duke  is a big handsome boy weighing in at 94lbs! He LOVES to meet new dogs and LOVES play group.

He has a special affection for small dogs. His best friend at  our shelter  is Templeton who looks just like a mini version of Duke.

Duke is our social butterfly. He helps our trainers with dogs and puppies that are under socialized. He teaches other dogs how to be respectful and how to play correctly.

Duke also likes toys and his favorite games are tug of war and playing fetch. He is very smart and obedient. He knows all his commands, walks perfectly on leash and aims to please. He is very treat motivated and responds well to training, learning new tricks quickly.

Duke is sensitive and shy with anyone new he meets but he will warm up to you so he can be his fun-loving self. Within a couple meetings you will have a new best friend.

If you are interested in meeting Duke the Southampton Animal Shelter trainers can work with you to see if Duke would be a  good fit for your family.

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