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ID: A026916 Gender: male Color: tan Breed: german shepherd dog and chinese sharpei Age: 9 years old

Our shelter spotlight goes to the amazing Andy! He was rescued in May 2016 from Puerto Rico, where he knew only despair. Since coming to the shelter, he has discovered the finer things in life. Andy never had a warm bed, a scheduled meal time, or walks outside in the grass.

While Andy adores the shelter staff and volunteers, he would love a real family. He has become our shelter’s mascot. He loves attention and doesn’t get stage fright. Andy can put on a show anywhere. He has a huge heart and a funny disposition that captivates everyone he meets. Andy is a one of a kind Best Friend!

Andy is nine years old and has never had a home to call his own. He has never had the love of a family.

Andy is a shar-pei mix and that breed is known for their loving, loyal, honest qualities, all of which describe Andy.

Please consider Andy for your home. He deserves it!

Andy’s Before Pictures in Puerto Rico

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Andy with his friends at the Hampton Classic Horse Show

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Andy’s Photos from Summer 2016 with our friends at the Southampton Fresh Air Home

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Adopt Andy
  • kay

    hopefully getting him this week! I fell in love with him at the pet fair at the middle country public library yesterday!

    • SASF

      When are you coming to meet him? Andy is the best!

  • Elaine Mason

    Is he still available? Looking for an older dog

    • Kate McEntee

      Yes! He is! Can you come meet him! He is the best!