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Daniel Glantz, an award-winning artist from Loveland Colorado, is known for his expressive bronze animals and great love for dogs and children. He wanted to create a sculpture that would express that close bond. The result was the creation of Perfect Harmony. Commissioned by a generous supporter who shared Daniel’s vision, this sculpture is now prominently placed at the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s front walkway.

The expressive bronze sculpture depicts the bond between humans and animals as represented by the interaction of a young boy and girl with a pit bull. The choice of a pit bull was no accident because the artist wanted to dispel myths that surround certain breeds of dogs. Perfect Harmony captures that love and companionship between children and their dog. It is a perfect representation of the core mission of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation – to find loving homes for homeless animals.

Come visit the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, view our new sculpture and see how we promote and nurture the bond between people and animals every day through adoptions, medical care, behavior training and education.

Big thanks to the Farrell Building Company, who took care of foundation, and Guillo Contracting, for the actual installation of the sculpture.

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