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Best of The Best!

The news is out! Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is proud to announce that we were voted Platinum (#1) for BEST Animal Shelter, BEST Animal Rescue Group and our own Dr. Teresa Meekins was voted BEST Veterinarian!!!! Thanks to Dan’s Papers and all our supporters!

An American Hero

In early summer of 2019, a woman was walking her dog through the woods near a baseball field in Southampton, New York. When she came across something hidden deeper in the woods. While approaching they were suddenly overwhelmed with the loud sounds of dogs barking coming from what they now recognized as two large dog crates tucked under tarps. Looking around they realized that this area was where someone and their dogs were living. That someone was a veteran.

Paul Allen served our country. While his dedication to his country never wavered, Paul had fallen on hard times. Like many, Paul suffered from the effects of war. After serving, Paul came home, but acclimating back to civilian life wasn’t easy. He faced new hurdles, navigating life with PTSD, he kept trying to get ahead only to be pushed back down.

While there were many things Paul wanted to do and many things he wanted to accomplish, he feared the world had picked up on his new obstacles. It was hard to find a job and seemed even harder to keep one. Paul had help from several veterans’ organizations and credits them for saving his life, but he couldn’t sustain any sort of consistency in his life. Not long after returning home, Paul found himself homeless. Paul took the two most valuable possessions in his life, his two Huskies, Romeo and Lover Boy and spent the first night of many in his car. Living in his car seemed to be the only option Paul had at that time.

Romeo and Lover Boy were Paul’s saving grace. They supported him emotionally and were his main reason to get up in the morning. As the season changed, living in the car during summer was too much of a threat to the very furry Huskie’s health. They could overheat very quickly, which led Paul into the woods.

Once the photos of their living area in the woods went on Facebook, the dogs were safely removed by the Southampton Animal Control and brought to the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation to be cared for.

“When we first met Paul, we knew we had to help. A man who had given to us all, now needed help from us”, said Kate McEntee, Director of Adoptions.

Paul needed some time to find permanent housing. Unfortunately, the only immediate housing open for him was one that did not allow pets. The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation didn’t think twice. They would keep Romeo and Lover Boy for Paul making sure they received any medical attention, enrichment, comfy beds, and a lot of walks and snuggles—all the care they needed. The shelter staff treated the dogs like they were their own. Paul didn’t need to worry about any expenses for the eight months Romeo and Lover Boy lived at the shelter. The months were very difficult for Paul. He visited his boys at the shelter many times, but it wasn’t the same as having them at home with him. Paul needed his boys in his life every day.


SPAY-ghetti Dinner Thank you!

SPAY-ghetti Dinner Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to our SPAY-ghetti Dinner Fundraiser on March 7th at 78 Foster! It was an amazing night that raised thousands of dollars for our Advo-Cats TNR Program. This funding will allow us to continue to spay & neuter community cats at no cost to...

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Last Call for Tail Ale!

Throughout the month of March, Montauk Brewing Company will be donating 25% of the proceeds from each "Tail Ale" sold to the homeless pets at our shelter! We had such a great Pints for Paws Kick-off event, that we decided to have a closing event too! This 'Hair of the...

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February: Pet Dental Month

February is Pet Dental Month! Dental health is an extremely important part of your pet’s overall health, but is often the most overlooked. Proper dental care can detect dental disease that not only impact the mouth, but that also leads to more serious health issues...

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