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Georgia was surrendered to Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation almost 2 years ago. Potential adopters came through the doors each day, but no one showed an interest in her. While at the shelter, she learned commands, practiced her leash-walking, and socialized with other dogs, hoping to show-off for a forever family. Her chance finally came when she met Claudia. Here is what Claudia has to say about Georgia:

“At almost 6 years old many people would consider her an “older” dog. Georgia spent almost 2 years at the shelter without being adopted so many people may assume there’s something “wrong” with her. Worst of all, Georgia didn’t “show well” as she was slow to warm up to new people.

The training staff at SASF… also pointed out the many pluses of adopting an older dog like Georgia that had been at the shelter for a while including the fact that she was already housebroken and crate trained. She already knew a great number of commands including “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “watch”, “touch”, “wait”, “off”, “touch” and “leave it” and walked well on a leash.

Georgia is the most amazing dog! We absolutely adore her! She is perfectly trained! She’s 100% housebroken! She bonded to me, my husband and our daughter immediately. She is gentle, loving, obedient and playful. She just wants to be with us all of the time and be loved. We are so happy that we took the chance and adopted the 6 year old black pit bull who waited almost two years for us to find her!! She’s the perfect dog for us!!

While we didn’t exactly set out to adopt two dogs at the same time, we couldn’t resist Georgia’s 6 month old black and white shelter mate, Rosie. Rosie came to SASF from South Carolina after Hurricane Florence. While Rosie and Georgia didn’t know each other while in the shelter, the training staff at SASF assisted us in introducing them to each other and to our daughter’s Pug, Shorty. The two girls and Shorty are now the best of friends!”