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It's spay/neuter season!

Let's keep making strides in monitoring the feral cat population
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While we have made tremendous strides in 2019 in curtailing the feral cat population in Southampton Town, we still have work to do and need your help! There is only a short window of time in which we can spay and neuter these feral cats. 

We’re calling for your help to make sure we can keep up with the demanding time frame we have to solve this issue.  Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation works tirelessly to humanely reduce the feral cat population in Southampton Township.

What you can do to help us:

VOLUNTEER – We need volunteers to assist in trapping these feral cats so we can transport them to our mobile clinic

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – If you see a feral cat, please DO NOT HESITATE to let us know. You can reach out to us via telephone at 631-728-7387 ext.223, email us at [email protected], or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.

DONATE – Donations allow us to purchase more equipment and cover a larger area.

The spay and neuter program for feral cats comes at no cost to you! It is absolutely vital that we work together to monitor and control feral cat colonies in Southampton township!