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Why is this important to us?

It is our mission to help all animals in need near and far, and this story really hit home with us.  People have been asking us how they can help with what is going on in Ukraine. They want confidence their donations are safely getting into the right hands.

In 2019 our very own Director of Animal Training, Veronica Grzybowska, left Poland headed for the United States.  We were lucky to have her join the team at Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.  Her family and friends are still in Poland and her good friend Marta at Judyta Animal Shelter in Poland reached out to ask for our help with the animals that have been affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.  Please read her stories below.

Dogs tags will be available soon for purchase to show your support.  All proceeds will go directly to Marta and the rescues of Judyta Animal Shelter.

ABOUT Judyta Animal Shelter

  • Judyta Foundation has been helping animals for over 8 years already 
  • They specialize in helping puppies and injured dogs. As of right now they are the only organization in Poland in Poland that does so
  • Judyta has worked for many years to gain a position of trusted and transparent foundation. They always show how the donations are spent,  always passing all the Polish Veterinary and tax inspections
  •  Over 400 dogs in their care (including 130 from Ukraine)
  • They have their own veterinary practice, rehab center (with full equipment and underwater treadmill) and shelter
  • Over 1200 adoptions a year 
  • Judyta runs volunteer programs on all their locations
  • Their branch in Gdańsk runs an educational program for kids
  • Judyta employs veterinary technicians, physiotherapists and behaviorists to give their dogs the best possible care so we are self efficient