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You Have To Miss This!

Stay at home, forget the Uber and definitely DO NOT get your hair done. You’re not going out… But if you did you would have the best time ever at “The Greatest Party That Never Was”.
This is a very fake event for a very real cause!
Buy your “ticket” today and do NOT show up on April 30th  …but watch on Facebook to find out who else didn’t show.

Are you a Pawty Puppy or an Ultimutt Partier? Do you hang with the Cool Cats or the VIPooches? Purchase your ticket today and find out! 

You are invited to stay at home with your pet and support the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation right from your couch.
Your donation to this imaginary event will provide our homeless pets with top notch care and support.

After purchasing your ticket all party non-goers will submit a photo of themselves and their pet which will be developed into an artistic representation. A group photo of all the party non-goers will posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages the night of the non-party (Southampton Animal Shelter on Facebook, @southamptonanimalshelter on Instagram).
#guesswhowontshowup #youhavetomissthis! #partypoopersarein #socialdistancing

Since there are no VIP sections, no special parking and no special swag bags, there is no personal benefits to increasing your ticket level…other than the fact that your ticket is a true donation that goes directly to caring for the pets at the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. A 501(c)(3) non-profit open admissions shelter that goes above and beyond to care for the abandoned and neglected animals who rely on us.
…and THAT is a really big deal!

We thank you for being our friend, NOT attending our event and helping us to be able to continue saving lives.

Fundraisers and events have been canceled across our Nation due to COVID-19. Most 501(c)(3) nonprofits like the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation rely heavily on fundraisers and events to help meet their annual operating budgets. While someone can give more than others, we appreciate all donations. We thank you for any donation not matter how big or how small.

For any questions please feel free to contact [email protected] or call (631) 728-7387 ex.240