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Dog Training

Dog TrainingEvery dog that arrives at SASF undergoes a thorough behavior evaluation conducted by our training team. Our dogs are evaluated in areas such as sociability with people, cats and other dogs, trainability, body handling, resource guarding, food guarding and environmental content (everything from cats to vacuums).

Once a dog is assessed, their training begins. We start with the basics: manners and commands. Proper leash walking is also taught, in addition to commands like sit, down, drop it and leave it. Once they have the basics down, which may take longer for some than others, dogs then graduate to their own Individual Training Program (ITP). Their programs are designed and structured for the dogs based on their individual needs. Our dogs receive ongoing support and training until they find their forever homes.

Dogs at our shelter also attend Playgroups. Dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs can play together throughout the day. Whether it is a big playgroup with many dogs running around our training yard or a small playdate of two good friends sunning together in our outdoor pens, playgroup is always a fun time!

PlaygroupsPlaygroups are beneficial to our dogs in many ways. They help dogs satisfy their own play needs as well as helping to socialize them. The excitement that a dog experiences in playgroups helps them physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Our dogs are able to let loose, run around and have a great time together.

Playgroups also help our trainers get to know our dogs better. When trainers observe dogs playing with one another, it provides insight into their personalities that would be harder to discover while leashed.



Training Classes For You And Your Best Friend

SASF is proud to announce our new training classes open to the public! We will be offering group classes featuring manners and obedience, leash work, dog socialization/playgroups, and several training classes with an SASF trainer.

To complete our online enrollment form, please click HERE.

If you have adopted from SASF and are in need of some training help and tips please call our training team at (631) 728-7387 ext. 243

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