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During some of the worst weather, they are out there digging snow, chipping away the ice, trudging through muck and mud just to make sure these cats are fed and have some type of shelter.

You may see this wonderful army of volunteers and think they are perpetuating your neighborhood free roaming cat problem, but they are actually helping to solve the feral cat problem!

Most of these dedicated volunteers pay for food and shelters out of their own pocket.

They participate in the Trap, Neuter & Release or TNR programs everywhere, by trapping the cats, taking them to be spayed or neutered, and then releasing them back into the wild where they came from. Kittens are rescued and brought to local shelters, the mother and father cats are fixed, and released to breed no more.

The “goal” of TNR is to establish and maintain a colony of sterilized cats that will eventually age out and die off.

The ASPCA reports that 70 percent of cats and kittens that enter shelters across this country are euthanized. The biggest contributing factor is lack of space due to overcrowding. Cat owners who allow their un-neutered/spayed cats to roam created the problem in neighborhoods everywhere.

As the new Advo-CatsTNR program launched this year, we have spayed and neutered over 1000 feral cats for our Southampton and neighboring communities. We receive countless calls from people concerned about the welfare of feral cats. The TNR program is the best proven method to reduce the population of unwanted cats and kittens in our shelters and neighborhoods everywhere.

If you wish to help, please donate to your local shelter or favorite rescue organization, and make sure your own pets are spayed and neutered.

Humans created the problem; being humane is “fixing” the problem. We “crazy cat people” only ask to be left alone to do what we do. Here’s to all the cat caregivers everywhere!

Advo-Cats runs only on donations. So please give a little extra this year, or volunteer to trap or feed a colony near you. It only takes a few minutes out of your day!