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Puppy Mill Rescue

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is proud to partner with No More Tears Rescue.

The mission of No More Tears is to rescue adult dogs from puppy mills. These adult dogs would be killed since they are no longer breedable, and, therefore, not a source of income. After the dogs are removed from the puppy mills, SASF provides a temporary home for them. They are provided medical care, spayed or neutered, and micro chipped. The rehabilitation process continues with proper feeding, bathing and grooming. For the first time in their lives, love and affection are lavished on these dogs. It is extraordinary how a neglected dog responds top love and kindness. The special needs department at SASF works with them to evaluate their potential and, ultimately, they are put up for adoption. These dogs have been incarcerated all their lives and finally the smell of freedom has been realized!