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Event Chair | Sandra McConnell

Event Co-Chairs | Lyn Hamer, Rebecca Williams, Tish Rehill

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM | Self Guided Garden Tour

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM | Cocktails with OUR Canines (Meet our Adoptables!)

$125 per person to access Gardens

$175 per person to access Gardens plus access for Cocktails with our Canines

For privacy reasons, Gardens will be revealed closer to the date.
There will be a meet and greet with some of our adoptables at cocktail reception.
No outside dogs allowed.

Committee | Suzanne Ainslie, Lisa Arnold, Alixandra Baker, Debbie Bancroft, Rosalie Brinton, Paula Butler, Laurie Carson, Beatty Cramer, Laura Danforth, Tim and Susan Davis, Linda Fraser, Heidi Greene, Ann Grimm, Peter Hallock, Thea Hattrick, Ellen Irving, Maggie Kirkbride, Jean Little, Kevin Maple, Howard Marton, Kathy McMullen, Christl Meszkat, Gloria Meyers, Marion Piro, Francesca Reigler, Silvia Robinson, Ellen Scarborough, Nancy Stone, Mary Lou Swift, Lorraine Vidal, Cindy Willis, Ann Yawney

Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Thank you for your support

We are steadfast to our mission which is to provide for the welfare of animals and reduce the number of homeless pets. We are committed to our goal which is to promote and nurture the bond between people and animals through adoption, education and community outreach.  Your support makes all of this possible and together we can help save more lives!